Enterprise Application Integration Experience

Sierra brings over 25 years of expertise in best-of-breed Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). With a proven track record for delivering results such as cost-savings, increased productivity, higher customer retention and accelerated growth, Sierra’s consultants understand the challenges that businesses face and can help to identify areas of improvement and opportunity.

From system upgrades and infrastructure replacement to application migration to cloud and project-by-project consulting services, we know that each client has unique needs and business requirements. That’s why our end-to-end IT experience and proprietary toolset ensures optimal internal efficiencies as well as streamlined and seamless integration with legacy systems and databases.

The Sierra Difference

We operate using an agile methodology, leveraging tools and strategies that incorporate real-life scenarios for optimal results in the least amount of time. And while there are many vendors and tools that provide EAI services, our toolset is conveniently packaged into “solutions patterns” that provide answers for common technical issues. Each pattern consists of a framework that allows us to customize software for your specific business challenge. And while not all IT issues can be solved using this methodology, many of them stem from the similar root issues and can be diagnosed using this system.

For over 25 years, Sierra’s team of seasoned professionals built a successful track record of for clients in major industries such as banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, media and entertainment and technology.

Let us bring the solution to your technology challenge.

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