Legacy Systems

Sierra’s core competency is in the re-engineering, transformation and integration of mid-range legacy systems. For over 25 years, we’ve helped businesses to identify areas of improvement, set KPIs for success and come up with the most effective solutions to turn these business goals into a reality.

In today’s market, IT leaders are constantly being challenged to introduce greater efficiencies to internal day-to-day processes, as well as provide improvements to the ways that customers communicate and interact with the company during all stages of the purchase cycle.

Change management can sometimes seem daunting, but Sierra makes it easy by performing complete IT audits to evaluate the most feasible options while minimizing risk. Solutions are based on unique needs and a full understanding of the client’s business objectives. Our solutions may include gradual, incremental or customized development that leverages components of existing legacy systems in order to reduce down-time, minimize costs and increase operating efficiencies. Plus, our extensive experience working with middleware products means seamless cross-platform integration with minimal structural interference.

The Sierra process starts with a roadmap for success to help you to decide which IT investments are right for your business, today, tomorrow and in the future. We look at critical factors such as platform and business logic and determine which components from your existing legacy system can be salvaged during the upgrade. Once all options have been explored, we put together a prototype and project plan that defines the scope of work, including a training plan for staff.

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